Getting Certified With Google

Certified with Google!  Something I never thought I would be able to say, let alone be able to provide a certificate to a future employer.  There are so many things that people are capable of doing today, it is hard to distinguish yourself from the rest. Separating yourself from the normal, and being able to bring something new and different to the table impresses employers.

Working is a very large part of my life, I love to do it, and I love the money that comes along with it.  Each day I go into work, I know that I will meet someone new that I would’ve never came into contact with if it wasn’t for working.  The connections that are made from work are greater than anything that a textbook could teach you.

By receiving this certificate through Google Partners, I hope to impress a future employer.  Getting certified in Google Analytics isn’t something that most people can say that they have spent time in trying to maintain.  Well who cares?  Me.  I want to bring something different to employers, I don’t want to be in the norm.  By having this certification it shows that I want to go above and beyond.

Along the way of getting this certificate I learned a lot about Google Analytics that I would have never learned before.  I learned about different ways of how to track your website and maintain getting hits from more and more potential customers.  Being able to expand your connections, and networkings, and potential sales of whatever business you are in are the key to success.  Now get out and start making connections and stay workin’!

VanBuren, B. (25 April, 2017) Certificate Completion (Screenshot). Retrieved from Google Partners 2017. 




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