Networking, Networking, Networking

A huge part of the workforce is making connections.  The more connections the better off you will be.  Connections can be even more beneficial than your GPA.  Being able to network with all kinds of people makes your image better.  It shows your employer that you are able to communicate with people and aren’t afraid to be out of your comfort zone.

Getting out of my comfort zone, I went to a club meeting (PRSSA) that was hosted at Grand Valley State University, Allendale Campus.  During the meeting, I was able to connect with many students and faculty that I would have never been introduced to unless I went to this meeting.  Being able to network with different types of people only can help you in the future.  You never know who your future employer is going to be and who you could’ve met in the past to help you out.  Now get out and start (net) workin’!

VanBuren, B. (19 April, 2017). GV PRSSA Post (Screenshot). Retrieved from Instagram 2017. 




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