Tweet, Tweet…

Tweet, Tweet.

Who’s there?

Scheduled tweets.

Scheduled tweets?

Scheduled tweets!  Something that completely changed my Twitter game!  I learned about a new tool to use for tweets; all you do is go to the website TweetDeck.  You just type out future tweets and pick whatever time or day that you want the tweets sent out at.

It is an extremely easy way to keep your social media image up to date when times get too busy to go on yourself.  A lot of employers keep an eye out on employee’s social media accounts and defiantly look at them when you are applying for a job.  It looks good if you are frequently using the technology that is quickly taking over the way our culture does things.  Having a positive image on your social media accounts can never hurt you, only help.

Those of you are working an extreme amount of hours this is the perfect way for you to better your image.  Things to remember about the workforce is it is always changing and you never know who your next boss could be or what your next job could be.  Physically you can move places and change, but your social media always stays the same and it is important to maintain a professional image.  Now like always, get out and start workin’, and tweetin’!

VanBuren, B. (4 April, 2017). TweetDeck Scheduled Tweets (Screenshot). Retrieved from TweetDeck 2017. 


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