With the power of social media growing, and everything going paperless, it is no surprise that businesses have started using online job applications.  Searching for jobs has also moved online, with many websites being built as a tool to search.  Many websites exist for searching for jobs such as,

Grand Valley State University has their own search engine for student jobs: LakerJobs. The website makes it easy on current students, as well as alumni search for any type of job they could want.  On the website they have internships, full time jobs, part time jobs, work study, etc.

Personally, I have found multiple jobs using LakerJobs, and I came up with a list of a few jobs that grabbed my attention when I was searching for fun.  All you do is select the category of the job you are looking for, whether that is an internship, or just a part time job.  It narrows the search down and all you do is look for something that sounds interesting.  Usually the job provides how much the pay is, how many hours per week, and instructions for how to apply.  Now get out and start searchin’ and like always, get out and get workin’!

  1. Kelly Family Sports Center Student Manager
  2.  Events Supervisor
  3.  Parking Services Technician
  4.  Student Office Assistant
  5.  Historical Interpreter


Reference: VanBuren, B. (13 April, 2017). LakerJobs (Screenshot). Retrieved from LakerJobs 2017. 


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