Take a Business Card, ya Filthy Animal

Business Card Project             Business Card Project2

This week I tried out using a new program!  A program called InDesign, I was completely unfamiliar with the program and it took multiple clicks to finally get the card all set up. Overall after creating it I would highly recommend checking it out and trying it for yourself!  Fast and easy way to build up your work image.

With everything shifting digitally, business cards are something that I think will never go away.   Nothing is easier than just pulling out a business card and handing it to someone. All your information is on the card: Name, Phone number, Email and whatever else you felt the need to have.  Being able to present a business card is professional, and convenient.  So like always, get out and start workin’!

VanBuren, B. (6 April 2017). Business Card (Screenshot). Retrieved from Adobe InDesign CC 2017.



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