Exploring new ways to describe the Work Force

One way to separate yourself from other is by using stronger vocabulary.  Coming up with new ways to say simple words can be hard for people, myself included.  But this week, I learned that there is a simple tool that can help you create new ways to say simple things.  With the help of Google Ads Keyword Tool, discovering new vocabulary has never been easier.

Below I will show you my original 5 words that I came up with and the alternative words that I was able discover.  Each word, I will show how many times that the word is searched in Google and be able to compare what words are best to put into your blog or website to get more hits.  Being able to separate yourself from the pack will only help you grow into a more important role in your career. So like always, get out and start workin’!

Original Words:

  1. Work- 1 million to 10 million
  2. Job-  1 million to 10 million
  3. Money- 1 million to 10 million
  4. Life style- 100k to 1 million
  5. Labor- 100k to 1 million

New Alternative words:

  1. Career- 100k- 1 million
  2. Job Search- 100k- 1 million
  3. Earn Cash- 10k-100k
  4. Life and Style- 10k-100k
  5. Department of workforce services- 10k-100k

Using the Alternative words in a sentence:

  1. Hopefully you can keep growing and growing in your career!
  2. Whenever you are job searching, it is always best to keep a good attitude.
  3. Earning cash is not all working is about, it is also about the relationships and connections made.
  4. Style yourself in a way that shows that your life is not a mess.
  5. The workforce can be a scary place, but remember everyone started somewhere.


References: VanBuren, B. (3/17/17). Google Adwords screenshot (screenshot). https://adwords.google.com












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