Infographic- Work Edition

infographic_836_be23197fdad2bc17461d24095f8586746ec4cbdcThis week I put together a little info-graphic that showed a bit about my personal work life.  Maintaining three jobs sounds way more complicated and stressful than it actually is…  I swear I am not insane and I swear I still have a social life!  With working, I find myself feeling better because my time wasn’t wasted away all day.  Time management is one of the most important skills one can have and being a full time student with three different jobs presents a challenge that I love overcoming week after week.

I would highly recommend using a info-graphic anytime you are trying to present information to someone.  Visually it is much more pleasing rather than bullet points on a power-point.  It is a very simple website to navigate through and figure out, it has templates all set up ready for your information to be typed into the spaces.

For my info-graphic I gave a short phrase for the three jobs: Mully’s Bar and Grill, 2020 information, and Victor Axe & Tool.  People always ask me which job I like best and I can never answer the question.  Each job is enjoyable in its own way, each have pro’s and con’s.  They are all completely different categories of jobs and I love that.  Everyday presents a new challenge and different mindset depending on which job I am going into, and that challenge is what I live for.  Like always, get out and start workin’!

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