For my first blog post I thought I would start off with something a little different.  I set up an account for Brand Yourself which is a website that helps you delete Google searches that are not actual results about yourself.  It helps you delete search results that appear when someone tries to find more information on you.

Why is this important?  Many reasons, most important being branding yourself.  Well, no kidding but more positive branding results in better opportunities in your future. My initial score was a D+ since most of the results that appear were not anything to do with myself.

After the initial score, the website provides many suggestions on how to improve your score.  It goes through a process showing you how to do the suggestions making it very simple to increase your score.  The more steps you do the better your score resulting in better branding. Brand Yourself makes it very easy to make your LinkedIn profile and other profiles better.  Overall the website set my future up for better opportunities and would highly recommend to anyone.  Now get out and start Workin’!

References: VanBuren, B. (2/1/17). BrandYourself screenshot (screenshot).


One thought on “Branding

  1. Alex Warner says:

    I like this post a lot. It gives a nice rundown of what the tool is, but also WHY it is important too. You also recommended this to other people too, so that was a nice idea to get more people out using this!


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