Getting Certified With Google

Certified with Google!  Something I never thought I would be able to say, let alone be able to provide a certificate to a future employer.  There are so many things that people are capable of doing today, it is hard to distinguish yourself from the rest. Separating yourself from the normal, and being able to bring something new and different to the table impresses employers.

Working is a very large part of my life, I love to do it, and I love the money that comes along with it.  Each day I go into work, I know that I will meet someone new that I would’ve never came into contact with if it wasn’t for working.  The connections that are made from work are greater than anything that a textbook could teach you.

By receiving this certificate through Google Partners, I hope to impress a future employer.  Getting certified in Google Analytics isn’t something that most people can say that they have spent time in trying to maintain.  Well who cares?  Me.  I want to bring something different to employers, I don’t want to be in the norm.  By having this certification it shows that I want to go above and beyond.

Along the way of getting this certificate I learned a lot about Google Analytics that I would have never learned before.  I learned about different ways of how to track your website and maintain getting hits from more and more potential customers.  Being able to expand your connections, and networkings, and potential sales of whatever business you are in are the key to success.  Now get out and start making connections and stay workin’!

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Networking, Networking, Networking

A huge part of the workforce is making connections.  The more connections the better off you will be.  Connections can be even more beneficial than your GPA.  Being able to network with all kinds of people makes your image better.  It shows your employer that you are able to communicate with people and aren’t afraid to be out of your comfort zone.

Getting out of my comfort zone, I went to a club meeting (PRSSA) that was hosted at Grand Valley State University, Allendale Campus.  During the meeting, I was able to connect with many students and faculty that I would have never been introduced to unless I went to this meeting.  Being able to network with different types of people only can help you in the future.  You never know who your future employer is going to be and who you could’ve met in the past to help you out.  Now get out and start (net) workin’!

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Tweet, Tweet…

Tweet, Tweet.

Who’s there?

Scheduled tweets.

Scheduled tweets?

Scheduled tweets!  Something that completely changed my Twitter game!  I learned about a new tool to use for tweets; all you do is go to the website TweetDeck.  You just type out future tweets and pick whatever time or day that you want the tweets sent out at.

It is an extremely easy way to keep your social media image up to date when times get too busy to go on yourself.  A lot of employers keep an eye out on employee’s social media accounts and defiantly look at them when you are applying for a job.  It looks good if you are frequently using the technology that is quickly taking over the way our culture does things.  Having a positive image on your social media accounts can never hurt you, only help.

Those of you are working an extreme amount of hours this is the perfect way for you to better your image.  Things to remember about the workforce is it is always changing and you never know who your next boss could be or what your next job could be.  Physically you can move places and change, but your social media always stays the same and it is important to maintain a professional image.  Now like always, get out and start workin’, and tweetin’!

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With the power of social media growing, and everything going paperless, it is no surprise that businesses have started using online job applications.  Searching for jobs has also moved online, with many websites being built as a tool to search.  Many websites exist for searching for jobs such as,

Grand Valley State University has their own search engine for student jobs: LakerJobs. The website makes it easy on current students, as well as alumni search for any type of job they could want.  On the website they have internships, full time jobs, part time jobs, work study, etc.

Personally, I have found multiple jobs using LakerJobs, and I came up with a list of a few jobs that grabbed my attention when I was searching for fun.  All you do is select the category of the job you are looking for, whether that is an internship, or just a part time job.  It narrows the search down and all you do is look for something that sounds interesting.  Usually the job provides how much the pay is, how many hours per week, and instructions for how to apply.  Now get out and start searchin’ and like always, get out and get workin’!

  1. Kelly Family Sports Center Student Manager
  2.  Events Supervisor
  3.  Parking Services Technician
  4.  Student Office Assistant
  5.  Historical Interpreter


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Take a Business Card, ya Filthy Animal

Business Card Project             Business Card Project2

This week I tried out using a new program!  A program called InDesign, I was completely unfamiliar with the program and it took multiple clicks to finally get the card all set up. Overall after creating it I would highly recommend checking it out and trying it for yourself!  Fast and easy way to build up your work image.

With everything shifting digitally, business cards are something that I think will never go away.   Nothing is easier than just pulling out a business card and handing it to someone. All your information is on the card: Name, Phone number, Email and whatever else you felt the need to have.  Being able to present a business card is professional, and convenient.  So like always, get out and start workin’!

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Exploring new ways to describe the Work Force

One way to separate yourself from other is by using stronger vocabulary.  Coming up with new ways to say simple words can be hard for people, myself included.  But this week, I learned that there is a simple tool that can help you create new ways to say simple things.  With the help of Google Ads Keyword Tool, discovering new vocabulary has never been easier.

Below I will show you my original 5 words that I came up with and the alternative words that I was able discover.  Each word, I will show how many times that the word is searched in Google and be able to compare what words are best to put into your blog or website to get more hits.  Being able to separate yourself from the pack will only help you grow into a more important role in your career. So like always, get out and start workin’!

Original Words:

  1. Work- 1 million to 10 million
  2. Job-  1 million to 10 million
  3. Money- 1 million to 10 million
  4. Life style- 100k to 1 million
  5. Labor- 100k to 1 million

New Alternative words:

  1. Career- 100k- 1 million
  2. Job Search- 100k- 1 million
  3. Earn Cash- 10k-100k
  4. Life and Style- 10k-100k
  5. Department of workforce services- 10k-100k

Using the Alternative words in a sentence:

  1. Hopefully you can keep growing and growing in your career!
  2. Whenever you are job searching, it is always best to keep a good attitude.
  3. Earning cash is not all working is about, it is also about the relationships and connections made.
  4. Style yourself in a way that shows that your life is not a mess.
  5. The workforce can be a scary place, but remember everyone started somewhere.


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This week I was faced with a new challenge, Photoshop. I have personally never used Photoshop and I found many challenges.  Eventually I was able to navigate around the new program and figure it out.

Even though I love to work, Golf is something I can always fall back to and get my mind off of things.  In this Photoshop project, I took a golf background and placed myself holding my new clubs.  I would love to keep using the program and improve my skills just how I like working and improving my skills at work.

Always remember to leave time to do the things you love. Time management is key to anything.  The more time that you have for things that you love the happier you will be.  As always, get out and start workin’!

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